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One of only a few Available units for rent actually in Powder Mountain. Rare Condo Located in Powder Mountain Ski Resort Area in the Ogden Valley.

When selecting your Ogden Valley real estate while planning to buy or build your home, it is wise to inquire about exactly how much home you can afford.

Whether you are a seasoned home buyer or new at the home buying life, go at it modestly as your finances permit.  It is vastly more difficult to un-build a building or un-buy a house if you find that you have gotten in over your head. Use your resources carefully; they will go further if you spend wisely. Don’t take on any more debt than you are comfortable paying back.

It is advantageous to meet with the lender of your choice at the beginning of your acquisition process to be sure that you can afford the Ogden Valley, Utah property and home that you have your heart set on.

To avoid disappointing yourself and your family, act conservatively and responsibly when you take on a debt as large as a house. Signing up for something you can’t pay for will only cause heartache.

Once you have settled on the price point that you need to aim for as you acquire your home, determine that you will adhere to your chosen budget.

Don’t second-guess yourself and torment your self by continuing to look at houses which fall outside your price range. Instead, find ways to get excited about the home you can have.

It is better to error on the side of affordability as you plan your Ogden Valley home; it is much easier to add on to plans if you find extra resources than to subtract extra building if your resources run short.

Pick an investment that you can afford. Select with your head and wallet rather than your heart. Your heart will find you a wonderful home in Ogden Valley but not necessarily one that your head or wallet can afford. Work closely with your lender, but don’t let her or him talk you into borrowing an amount that is uncomfortable or financing a sales price that you can’t imagine owning.

If you start to build your Ogden Valley home and then realize that you have planned to build more than you can afford, don’t over-build right away. Build what you can and leave room for expansion.

If you borrow an amount which on paper looks do-able, but you begin to feel stress about the amount of debt you are taking on, scale back to a more comfortable amount and then work up to the total package gradually, as you can afford it.

Once you are settled in to your Ogden Valley Utah home, you can modify it and make it even more to your specifications as you live there for awhile.

Buying your home is always a work in progress. There is always room for an upgrade or addition once your budget can handle it.  There is no shame in scaling back on your Ogden Valley, Utah home until you can afford the total house of your dreams!

Darin Mich'l is Owner/Broker of PPR Real Estate located in Eden Utah, Servicing Powder Mountain, Snowbasin, and Wolf Creek Utah in the Ogden Valley Utah. For the Valley's Best deals: I specialize in Short Sales, Repossessions, Home auctions, Bank Owned Sales, REO, FHA and VA sales, Call me at 801-888-1800 or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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